The rules of search have changed and are continuing to change with the increasing popularity and availability of social data. End users who previously couldn’t vote for content via links from web pages are now able to vote for content with their clicks, bookmarks, tags and ratings. Bing incorporates Facebook data into search results and Google does the same with Google +. Apart from personalizing search results to give weightage to what your `friends like’, there is a trend towards considering what is called `collective IQ’ or what is popular throughout Facebook, twitter and other Web 2.0 pages and ranking it more prominently.

Some of the biggest advantages of our social media services include:

  • Referral traffic from increased `earned’ online real estate / social media pages.
  • Increased visibility and credibility among the user base that matters.
  • In time information about user reaction / feedback to services / policies.
  • Open channels of communication and brand evangelists that can be leveraged at the time of reputation crisis to respond, educate, and clarify as required.
  • Integral part of any reputation management / building / repair campaign.

But most importantly,

Better search results

  • Search engines rank `updated’ content higher as being more relevant.
  • Search engines rank bookmarked, blogged and other user shared and generated content as higher on account of higher credibility.

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