One of the most common online marketing metrics is the number of web page visitors. But this is far from the best indicator of a successful web site. A successful e-commerce site will use analysis based around their target audience as well as product searches, shopping cart usage, and most importantly conversions from visitor to customer.

One key to a successful e-commerce site is to showcase your business and how it is different from your competition. Proper research of what your target customers prefer is one of the first steps. Then highlight your differences such as faster delivery time, higher quality product, better customer service and other attributes that make your business stand out.

Creative Lipi offers a suite of solutions that can help your business to accelerate and achieve your e-commerce goals:

  • Proven toolset – the technologies and tools used are fully integrated and make the work of managing e-commerce pages easier and more reliable. From thorough quality AB testing to search engine optimization and more, the tools are quickly configured to help your business.
  • Improve customer experience – understanding your ideal customer, also known as your target audience, is a key to e-commerce and marketing success. Creative Lipi helps you to develop a comprehensive profile of your target audience and constructs a strategy to attract leads to your web site.
  • Leverage superior web design – your product and services online catalog should be easy to use, and your shopping cart should include features that make a purchase extremely fast and friendly.
  • Special features – add in features such as address verification and click to chat, call or email to improve customer service, or create upsell opportunities with exit pop and exit intent to make a last minute offer and save the sale.

Enhance your E-Commerce Strategy

The professionals at Numerique Diginautix can provide an e-commerce development plan that is tailored specifically for your business. The services can scale easily for small, medium or large businesses. Your goals are in reach with the team at Numerique Diginautix!